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Ambiance Nr.01 : Penthouse Suite

Ambiance Nr.01 : Penthouse Suite

Parfum D'Ambiance is a new series of fragrances, comprised of High Concentration Artisanal Perfume Blends, that eliminates the necessity of multiple usage during the day to keep freshness intact.

Nr.1 is a blend of grapefruit, green tea, and powdery notes which gives a unique and refreshing fragrance that combines citrusy, earthy, and powdery aromas.

The top notes feature a burst of juicy, tart grapefruit, which provide an energizing and uplifting sensation. The grapefruit note gives the perfume a zesty and refreshing quality that awakens the senses.

The heart of the fragrance comprises of delicate green tea notes, which brings a natural and serene quality to the scent. The green tea note evokes a sense of calm and tranquility, as if you were strolling through a serene garden on a bright spring day.

The base notes of the fragrance consists of soft powder notes, which gives the perfume a gentle, comforting quality. The powdery note provides a soft, silky finish to the scent, making it feel warm and inviting.

When used on clothes, it can double as a perfume for the lovers of fresh cirtusy fragrances.

These high concentration fragrances are long lasting and the unique aspect of different notes blooming over time and taking you into an olfactive journey to a different place, makes them stand apart from the "regular" fresheners.

caution: not to be used on skin

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