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Ambiance Nr.04 : A Cafe in Istanbul

Ambiance Nr.04 : A Cafe in Istanbul

Parfum D'Ambiance is a new series of fragrances, comprised of High Concentration Artisanal Perfume Blends, that eliminates the necessity of multiple usage during the day to keep freshness intact.

Nr.4 is a blend of freshly roasted coffee beans and burnt hazelnuts that combine magically to take you into an olfactive journey where you are entering a coffee shop in Istanbul.

The notes feature a burst of energizing and uplifting Coffee! and dries down into the fragrance of a creamy, chocolaty Hazelnut coffee drink.

These high concentration fragrances are long lasting and the unique aspect of different notes blooming over time and taking you into an olfactive journey to a different place, makes them stand apart from the "regular" fresheners.

caution: not to be used on skin

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