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Ambre Allure

Ambre Allure

Ambre Allure is a rich and complex fragrance that combines the warm and earthy notes of labdanum and patchouli with the sweet and spicy aroma of star anise and vanilla.

The labdanum provides a deep and musky base note that is complemented by the woody and slightly sweet scent of patchouli. These two notes create a warm and sensual foundation for the fragrance.

The star anise adds a spicy and licorice-like aroma to the mix, while the vanilla provides a sweet and creamy counterpoint. Together, they create a warm and inviting heart note that is both comforting and alluring.

Finally, the perfume is rounded out with powdery notes that add a soft and delicate finish to the fragrance. This powdery accord provides a subtle and sophisticated touch that balances the richness of the other notes, creating a perfume that is both complex and harmonious.


Ambre Allure will remind you of L'Ambre des Merveille from Hermes.


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