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El Tigre

El Tigre

The opening of El-Tigre is bright and invigorating, with a burst of juicy grapefruit that uplifts the senses and brings a refreshing energy. The citrus notes are complemented by a touch of green, herbaceous elements that add depth and complexity.

As the fragrance develops, the ambroxan note comes into play, providing a subtle, warm and slightly salty base. Ambroxan is a synthetic molecule that is often used in perfumery to create an ambery, musky effect. It can have a slightly woody, earthy quality that blends well with the grapefruit and other notes in the fragrance.

The woody notes in the perfume would add a natural, grounded feeling to the composition. The combination of the grapefruit, ambroxan, and woody notes creates a distinctive scent that is both fresh and inviting, with a hint of sophistication and depth.

Overall, El Tigre is an excellent choice for someone who wants a fragrance that is both bright and complex, with a natural and warm undertone.


El Tigre will remind you of Tygar from Bvlgari.

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