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Naturally Aspirated

Naturally Aspirated

Naturally Aspirated is a complex yet unique scent. The lavender note provides a fresh and floral aroma that is both soothing and calming to the leather note gives the perfume a rich and slightly smoky quality, adding a touch of masculinity and depth to the scent. It creates a subtle contrast with the floral notes, adding an edge to the fragrance.

The lemon note provides a bright and citrusy aroma that is fresh and uplifting adding a touch of playfulness and liveliness to the fragrance along with nutmeg that adds a warm and spicy aroma to the scent.

Sandalwood provides a warm and woody base for the fragrance, adding depth and richness to the scent along with vetiver that brings a smoky and earthy quality to the fragrance and giving it a solid, stable foundation.

The violet leaf note brings a fresh and green quality to the scent, adding a subtle and delicate floral aroma that is both refreshing and uplifting.

Naturally Aspirated It is also famous for the "benzin" vibe, which petrolheads love.

Naturally Aspirated with remind you of Fahrenheit from Christian Dior

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