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Vibrant Vetiver

Vibrant Vetiver

Vibrant Vetiver is an invigorating and refreshing perfume that combines the zesty brightness of citrus with the crisp greenness of juniper, the sunny essence of orange, and the grounding depth of vetiver and cedarwood. This harmonious blend of notes creates a fragrance that is both lively and balanced, evoking a sense of vitality and natural elegance.

The fragrance opens with a burst of vibrant citrus, like a sun-drenched orchard in full bloom. The citrus notes are lively and uplifting, instantly awakening your senses with their sparkling, effervescent aroma. With the citrus notes, the crisp and green scent of juniper emerges. Juniper adds a fresh and invigorating twist to the top notes, creating a dynamic and revitalizing introduction. The sweet and juicy scent of orange takes center stage. Orange infuses the perfume with a sunny and cheerful quality, providing a delightful and harmonious character.

Vetiver contributes an earthy and grounding depth along with Cedarwood that lends a woody and reassuring quality.

Main Notes: Citrus, Juniper, Orange, Vetiver Cedarwood

Vibrant Vetiver will remind you of Terre D’Hermes Eau Givree from Hermes

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